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Годину дана програма Припремна често може да постави стабилан темељ за студенте који желе да остваре велики успех током остатка свог дугог академске каријере. Многе области интересовања и истраживања су на располагању.

Костарика има више од 50% грађана у распону између 18 и 35 година. Земља има живот Побољшани ученика у овим универзитетима са утихнула животног стандарда у овим универзитетима за домаће и стране студенте.

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International Baccalaureate (IB)

UWC United World Colleges
Студије на универзитету / кампус September 2018 Костарика Сан Хозе

The IB Organisation (IBO) was founded in 1968. From the beginning, the IBO relied on UWC’s input and collaboration in light of UWC’s experience of providing progressive, intercultural education with an emphasis on experiential learning. The ties between both organisations remain closed today as the IBO celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018. [+]

Kursevi u Kostariki 2018.

UWC is a global education organisation that educates over nine thousand students from more than 155 countries each year. Almost four thousand of these students complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), the most recognised global pre-university programme for students aged 16-19.

While the IBDP curriculum is at the core of academic life at each UWC school and college, UWC education goes above and beyond the requirements set by the IB programme. With a deliberately diverse student and staff body at each UWC school and college - with members from many different national, socio-economic, cultural, linguistic, political and educational backgrounds - UWC recognises that the curriculum has to allow for as many interpretations and perceptions as there are students in the programme, so that the students feel able to represent their own history and perspective authentically. The formal IBDP curriculum is therefore complemented by sessions on global issues and other activities fostering critical thinking and courageous engagement with the challenges faced by today’s world.... [-]